Casalago Galapagos Bed and Breakfast

Casalago Galapagos B&B CasaLago located in a quiet neighborhood of Puerto Ayora, just a short walk away from the main pier of the town, walking distance from all restaurants and shops. This small and unique hostel offers five spacious rooms, each individually designed and decorated. Guests can enjoy breakfast or an afternoon coffee in its cozy café and its flower and plant filled terrace, overlooking the entrance of the “Laguna de las Ninfas”. Personalized service and hosts who truly care about your stay and your Galapagos experience, CasaLago is the perfect place for travelers, looking for a welcoming and comfortable place to stay Please let us know if your contact comes through GringoPost so we may apply a special 10% discount

Address: Moises Brito 185 y Juan Montalvo - Puerto Ayora - Santa Cruz - Galapagos, Outside of Ecuador.

Daniel Contag: reservations@casalagogalapagos.com 099 814 4121 www.casalagogalapagos.com

Private safe transportation service

We provide a reliable and safe transportation service to all corners of Ecuador with lots of experience driving on the roads.
With a door-to-door service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
We have trips to Guayaquil, Quito, Cuenca, Vilcabamba airports and all the tourist places of the country and at reasonable prices
For more information please contact.

Email address eucevdiego@gmail.com WhatsApp 095 891 5755

Diego Mogrovejo

Frasisco Aguilar Cuenca.

Cheap Cuenca Rentals--Rental SuperGurus looking out for your backside

You may know Jeff Schinsky, you may know me (Mary Wingo) or you may not know either of us! (LOL) First off, we work with expats to find affordable housing in safe and exclusive neighborhoods. (Not the boonies, and not the Ghetto, LOL). We are two very caring Gringo facilitators who have lived here a long time and who have helped other expats find their way in this new country. We were working separately, but then we realized with our Wonder-Twin-Super-Powers combined that we could really serve the fine folks the best of anybody right here in Cuenca. We have the best quality, and in many cases, the best prices of anyone. Okay, You've heard it all before, I know! Here is where our superpowers really come to play---We work for your benefit completely---that is, we often save you money right off the bat with fierce negotiations and we always structure the contract to protect your safety and sanity! We look to protect your backside so you are not hit with ugly surprises. In other words, we look out after your butt! Now who else does that?? All of our listings are in places expats are usually most comfortable living, with North American building and design standards (unless otherwise noted) in secure neighborhoods got an awesome property? Drop us a line. :-) Need a place to find that we do not have and you cannot wait? All those spaces are very limited we can take house-hunting cases on a one-by-one basis. Contact us today for complete details. We are your people and we are on your side!

Address: Address/Location, Cuenca.

Business contact information:
099 707 2884 or USA 1-325-515-4103
Whatsapp +592997072884

Mary Wingo

Dog grooming in Cuenca: special offer

For new and existing clients, we're offering a special Chocolate Cream Treatment for your pets. Vânia Medeiros, trained in Brazil, with 25 years of experience of world-class grooming, is now offering her services here in Cuenca. She makes use of exclusive grooming products and special treatment of the pets she grooms. Prices between $20-25, only for dogs up to 20 pounds.

Ghema Estética dental / odontology clinic

We are a dentistry specialty center. We attend patients of all ages and also work with the best specialized dentist for all your needs. We are a bilingual clinic with native speakers. We are specialists in: aesthetic restoration (caries), crowns, endodontics, veneers, surgeries, lip repositioning, scalloped gingival orthodontics, functional orthopedics, prophylaxis, provictional restoration, implants, prosthesis (removable and on implant) teeth whitening.

Address: Guapondelig (edificio Ghema ) entre Juan José flores y Eloy Alfaro, Cuenca.

Cinthya Orellana: 095 886 2803

Dentists - Odonyologo

Dr Kieber Espinoza

Address: Calle Tarqui 6-56, Cuenca.

Gary: 098 533 3217 / 099 235 8714


Nexo Coworking Cuenca, for professionals and entrepreneurs. We offer space by hour, private offices, meeting rooms with multimedia facilities, coffee station, networking, courses.

Address: Alejandro Vega Toral 139, at Sagitario Park, just behind Monte Sinai Hospital, Cuenca.

Business contact information.

Karla Andrade: info@nexo.com.ec 098 483 2058

Western Union in Challuabamba

Pay more than 70 services including water, electricity, telephone, cellphone, TV, social security - IESS, and many more. Send and receive money worldwide. We speak English.

Address: Cultura Cosanga Street - Container Service "Plaza Kilometro 21", next to The Bunker Restaurant, Cuenca.

Sara Kuperman: 099 972 1338

Adapta, interior design and furniture

We are a completely new brand created by young architects because we saw the necessity to create new Interior design and furniture. Currently, we have 4 main products that people must be interested. 1.- Interior design, decoration and maintenance. 2.- Furniture design. bring your ideas and we will make it come true. 3.- Recycle furniture and design new models based on it 4.- Our own models and design. All of them are created a managed by our professionals. We enjoy working with our customers to make their dreams come true, and give you the best product that you deserve. We also make North American style because we know each person has different necessities. We work with 3d Modeling and adjust to any budget; Looking forward to any question or interview.

Address: Av Los Cerezos, Cuenca.


Christian: adaptac@outlook.com 099 805 1163

Special dog grooming in Cuenca

Vânia Medeiros, trained in Brazil, with 25 years of experience of world-class grooming, is now offering her services here in Cuenca. She makes use of exclusive grooming products and special treatment of the pets she grooms. Prices between $20-25, only for dogs up to 20 pounds.

Address: Address/Location, Cuenca.

Business contact information:

097 916 1453 (Spanish) 095 890 1745 (English, first contact text message only please)

Vania Medeiros

English-Spanish translator

I offer English-Spanish translation service to foreigners who visit my city and its surroundings. It will be an honor to be able to offer my help during your stay. If you want to make transactions or other matters I can accompany and guide you for the time you require. I will do my best to make your stay very pleasant.

Address: Avenida del Bombero, Challuabamba, Cuenca.

Belen Sempertegui: belensempertegui@gmail.com 099 895 9992


We offer medical assistance, pediatrics, gynecology, geriatrics, etc. We work from Monday to Friday. From 8:30-1 PM and 3 PM-7:30 PM. Saturday from 9-1 PM.

Address: Remigio Crespo Toral y Agustin Cueva (Next to Pharmacies), Cuenca.

Carlos Palacios: unimedicosec@gmail.com 098 429 1342

Personal chef for hire

Too tired to cook? Looking to loose weight? Want to learn to cook healthy? Chronic illness? I can help! From Chicago, I have been into and studied nutrition and healthy cooking for over 20 years! I cook almost everything, from meat dishes, vegetarian to vegan. Paleo diet or an assessed personal diet catered to your specific needs. Personal cooking classes available, dinner parties or intimate dinner for two. Flexible schedule, 2x a week , 3x a week or everyday, you choose! Just send me an email. Move forward to a healthier you!! Serious inquiries please. Thank you, have a beautiful day!! Namaste

Address/Location, Cuenca

Kristine: islandgirl.kristine777@gmail.com


My name is Michelle. I was born in Chicago, IL. I was raised in Cuenca, Ecuador. I moved to the US and lived there for 16 years. I’ve recently moved back to Cuenca. I speak fluently in English and Spanish.

I would like to offer my services to you, I have 17 years of experience interpreting for people in need of a translator.
I can help you running errands for you doctor’s appointment, real state needs etc...

Michelle:  099 894 8568.

Ecuador expat journeys

We offer both group and tailored individual tours of this beautiful country of Ecuador. From our famous 'Crash Course' Tour to our selection of Day Tours, we have a tour that's just right for you, and if you don't see what you're looking for listed on our site, just email and ask. Our great bi-lingual staff takes you every step of the way and we look forward to hearing from you.

Address: Manabi S-146 e Interoceanica, Quito (capital).


Sue: info@ecuadorexpatjourneys.com 593 2 603 5548

Spanish and music classes

Hi, I’m Inés Iacono. I´m a music teacher with an education degree with studies in the arts. I offer my services to teach piano, musical voice practie, and Spanish for your kids from seven years old and up. Personalized classes in the comfort of your home. $6 per hour.

Address: Centro Histórico, Cuenca.

Business contact information:

Ines: inesiacono@gmail.com Whatsapp +584 16 575 5858 -  098 352 3756

Ebi Japanese Kitchen and Sushi Bar

Located at Calle Larga 571 between Hermano Miguel and Mariano Cueva, in the city of Cuenca - Ecuador. Ebi Sushi Bar has a varied menu with sauces created in its own kitchen, which are one of the secrets of its success. The repertoire of dishes is varied and izakaya style, which means that they are designed to be eaten individually or shared. Their chefs are innovative and creative with an arduous experience in gastronomy-moving away from the traditions- since in this place a fusion of Japanese and Ecuadorian gastronomy is made, except when it comes to the authenticity of the ingredients.

Business contact information:

07 282 5847

Ebi Japanese kitchen And Sushi Bar