Psychotherapy/life empowerment coach

There are times in our lives when we need specific guidance and support to return to our natural state of peace, joy and well-being.

I practiced psychotherapy for 15 years in the States serving adolescents, adults and families before my husband and I decided to take a grand adventure to Ecuador. We have been exploring and travelling all around this beautiful country for a year and have decided to settle in Cuenca.

Most of my clients are from North America as I work with them via Skype. However, I have begun to open up a local practice working with both English (gringos) and Spanish speakers here in Cuenca.

Please explore my website at: dianamatlack.com where you can find out more about me and what I offer. Keep in mind, when you look at my fees, they are for my North American and European clients. I charge half of those rates here in Ecuador. I am willing to discuss a sliding scale if that is what's called for.

You were born to be a success...and by "success" I mean happy and fulfilled. I provide powerful tools, practices and insights that will help guide you back to your natural state of well-being.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Address: Sucre neighborhood (near Solano and Crespo), Cuenca.

Diana Matlack: diana@dianamatlack.com 096 837 0112.

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