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Private lessons can offer a multitude of benefits to any practitioner. Often, what may take months in a class setting can be accomplished in a few hours under private instruction. You will achieve heightened alignment and awareness, which can improve all aspects of your practice. Yoga was traditionally taught by one teacher directly to one student. The great ancient teachers understood the importance of individualizing each yoga experience to meet the needs of the individual student. Private Yoga is an invaluable tool for students of all levels and experience. Private lessons provide the perfect setting to address your goals and work on areas of individual interest. Private Yoga can help you deepen your practice, gain confidence, answer questions and provide guidance.

Benefits of a private yoga lesson:

You are beginner and want to start a new practice with exclusive attention.
You want to learn proper alignment and have one on one assistance.
You want to take your practice deeper and focus, in-depth, on specific poses.
You want to develop a yoga or meditation practice that you can do within the comfort of your own home.
You want to learn how to modify postures and sequences for specific injuries or health concerns.
You are interested in working towards a specific physical goal, such as increased flexibility, balance or strength.
You want to focus on areas which interest you most.

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