Alli Inti - native handcrafts

Alli Inti is a family-owned store selling tapestries, blankets, hammocks, shirts, dresses, handbags, backpacks, sweaters, ponchos, shawls, etc., all of which are handmade here in Ecuador.

Our family was in business in Puerto Lopez, but the earthquake in April destroyed the building where we had our store, not to mention our apartment building. We salvaged as many goods as we could from the rubble and moved to Cuenca, where we have been working day and night to get our business going again.

The people of Cuenca have been wonderful, and we are now established in a new location, in the Plaza Seminario San Luis, just to the right of the cathedral if you are standing in Parque Calderon looking toward the cathedral. As you enter the plaza, turn right, go up the stairs, and then left to the end of the balcony.

As an invitation to come meet us and see all that we have to offer, we are offering a discount of 10% on all of our items through the end of January if you mention that you heard of us in GringoPost.

Thank you from Luis, Miriam, Cintia, Inti y Juliana.

(And thank you also to our friend who helped us write this message. We speak enough English to communicate, but not to write this message)

Address: Plaza San Luis, Parque Calderon, Cuenca.

Luis Vega: 098 399 8000

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